Cuerpo escombro: The Summer’s New Spanish Comedy


Written and directed by Curro Velázquez, Cuerpo escombro will premiere in theaters on August 9, 2024.

This summer, Spanish comedy invades the big screen with the arrival of Cuerpo escombro, a new film written and directed by Curro Velázquez, which marks his second feature film as a director after Que baje Dios y lo vea.

Starring Dani Rovira (Voy a pasármelo bien), Ernesto Sevilla (La Navidad en sus manos), and El Langui (La familia Benetón) leading the cast, the film’s plot follows the story of Javi, a man who, due to problems finding work and being involved with his brother Fermín, decides to pass himself off as disabled to get a job he desperately needs.

However, pretending to have cerebral palsy is much more complicated than it might seem at first, especially when love arises between Javi and his boss.

Cuerpo escombro, “a very wild comedy but with a lot of depth”

With filming just getting underway in the city of Bilbao, its director addresses the proposal for his next film, where he ensures that, although it has a very wild tone, there is no intention to offend, but rather it presents a great underlying message.

“A great lie that will generate an endless number of fun moments without offending anyone,” Curro Velázquez comments on the premise of Cuerpo escombro through a press release.

“Surprising and extreme moments where the protagonist will suffer as if at every moment he were stepping on burning coals, leading to a serious conflict that will make us reflect on empathy, accepting others, and the visibility of people who encounter barriers every day that the rest of us do not see,” adds the director and screenwriter.

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“Among gags, it forces us to put ourselves in the shoes of people with disabilities, but without falling into a paternalistic or moralizing tone. On the contrary, it confronts us with a reality that we often ignore, in a smooth, entertaining, and fun way through the monumental mess in which its protagonist gets involved,” states Juan Gordon, the film’s producer.

In addition to Dani Rovira, Ernesto Sevilla, and El Langui, the cast of the film includes Antonio Resines (Serrines, madera de actor), Cassandra Ciangherotti (Las viudas de los jueves), Omar Chaparro (Tiburón negro), Tito Valverde (¡Vaya vacaciones!), and Leo Harlem (Como Dios manda).

Cuerpo escombro will premiere in theaters on August 9, 2024. What do you think of the new proposal for Spanish comedy? Let us know in the comments section.

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