Creative Director Responds to ‘Nomuradas’ in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth


Square Enix is ​​putting all the meat on the grill with its next Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. For this reason, the development team is giving interviews to go even deeper into the adventure that awaits us on February 29. And, although a good part of these talks are focused on RPG news, the medium Automaton He has also taken advantage of his meeting with Tetsuya Nomura, creative director of the installment and creator of the Kingdom Hearts saga, to ask your opinion on the ‘Nomuradas’.

And the creative’s ideas have become so bizarre that the community has invented a term to refer to an aspect detailed mainly by Nomura. However, not all of these elements were born from his pen: “I see videos of people debating and commenting on my work here and there, and it’s something I think about while I watch them. Sometimes, even the lines that I did not write are marked as ‘Nominated’. It’s funny, right?”

“Overall, I think ‘Nomurada’ is something that the players have established regardless of whether I was involved in that aspect or not”, the creative continues in the interview. “Sometimes, players who are playing something that I had nothing to do with say ‘This feels very Nomura’, and I think ‘That wasn’t me…’ However, the players’ feelings and impressions are their own, and if they feel something while playing the game, then I think it’s okay. Either way, I’m happy if people enjoy the game”.

We’ve already tried Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

In the second part of the PlayStation State of Play, which aired last night, we had the opportunity to see extensive gameplay of the next great adventure from Cloud and company. And this has only done raise expectations for its final launch, despite the fact that there are still a few days left to return to the iconic Final Fantasy saga. Be that as it may, at 3DJuegos we assure you that the wait will be worth it, since we already tell you in our first impressions of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth what we are facing one of the most ambitious open world RPGs of the generation.

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