Creating a Stunning The Last of Us Drawing: 300 Hours of Artistry


Every so often, The Last of Us saga becomes a trend, whether it’s due to a new video game release, reissue, new chapters or any announcement from Naughty Dog. However, this time the focus is on a tribute to the legacy of The Last of Us: Part 1. Fans and artists are dedicating a significant amount of time to creating spectacular drawings to honor the game.

One such example is a portrait created by Nabelaa The Artist, who documented the progress on social media. The artist spent an impressive 300 hours drawing the characters and protagonists from The Last of Us: Part 1. The creation is filled with intricate details, including Joel’s broken watch, the rabbit he hunts, the famous giraffe scene, the horse, and even Sam’s toy.

In a post on Instagram, the artist expressed pride in the final result, deeming it their best work to date. The drawing was initiated to commemorate the 10th anniversary of The Last of Us and was created using only charcoal.

This isn’t the first time such dedicated artists have been highlighted. Previously, an artist spent over 80 hours hand-drawing Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2, and another invested 103 hours in a portrait of Kratos from God of War. These impressive works of art showcase the creativity and talent within the community.

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