Craft Your Custom Tekken 8 Favorites Menu Easily


Tekken 8 has taken the gaming world by storm, proving to be a hit with its rock-solid gameplay and a treasure trove of content. What makes it even more remarkable is how it welcomes players of all stripes with a variety of accessibility and quality of life features. Among these, there’s a neat trick that has flown under the radar for many but can significantly enhance your playing experience.

Did you know you could customize the main menu in Tekken 8 to have all your go-to modes and functions right at your fingertips? It’s true! You can tailor the left side of the main menu to showcase all your favorite features, allowing you to jump right into the action without the hassle of navigation. This little adjustment saves precious moments and streamlines your gameplay sessions.

To personalize your Tekken 8 experience, it’s actually a breeze to add or remove items from your favorites. If you want to remove a function or mode from your favorites, simply press the Triangle button on PlayStation controllers, or Y on Xbox Series controllers, and confirm your choice. Want to pin something to your favorites? Just as easy!

When you select a function in the menu, you’ll see the option to add it to your favorites. Once again, the same button does the trick. Crafting a menu that’s uniquely suited to your preferences is just a few button taps away. By customizing your main menu in Tekken 8, you can ensure that all the features you love and use most are always just a moment away, tailored just for you.

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