Cowabunga! Ninja Turtles Return to Fortnite Special Event


The Cowabunga event has begun in Fortnite, bringing the Ninja Turtles back to the Battle Royale until February 27, 2024. The event includes event-specific missions with rewards such as the Turtle Blimp hang glider and a rewards pass with two routes: free and premium.

The premium pass includes the Super Destroyer skin, a special suit for the villainous Destroyer, and they are also unlocked in LEGO Fortnite. The Ninja Turtles weapons, including katanas, nunchakus, sai, or bo, all have special abilities like hit, air attack, sliding cut, and double jump. They operate on charges and have a 10-second cooldown to prevent abuse.

Additionally, the event adds the drift boards of the Ninja Turtles and pizza boxes to move around the island quickly and recover life/shield respectively. So get ready for a weekend filled with pizza and action in Fortnite.

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