Countdown to Apex Legends Season 20: The Biggest Change Yet


Apex Legends has become one of the most successful titles in the world, even five years after its release. This popular video game recently celebrated its fifth birthday, and an update is set to be released next week. The content of this update has been announced and it has raised the expectations of the gaming community. According to the developers, this update will bring about the biggest change in the history of the title.

In addition to the usual balance adjustments, there have been some particularly important changes. The Evo Shields have been reworked, and players can no longer find armor on the ground or exchange it for that of eliminated enemies. Instead, players must now inflict damage on opponents, eliminate them, or explore the map to increase their shield capacity. If a player steals armor from an eliminated player, their shield will be automatically healed to the maximum shield points of the stolen armor.

The game will also introduce an augmentation system that will allow players to modify the abilities of the characters. There will be two improvement phases, with two random options offered in each phase. These options include direct character improvements, such as the ability for shotguns to reload automatically, as well as more specific options for certain characters.

The aim of these changes is to give more importance to the heroes in the game, creating a more intimate and dynamic gameplay experience. The developer, Respawn, also stated that this will allow for more balance in character abilities and create new design possibilities for future legends.

Another significant change coming to the game on its fifth anniversary is a complete rework of the qualifying games. This mode has been heavily criticized in recent months, and the update will bring more elimination rewards and remove promotion matches. Additionally, the ranks will be completely reset so that all players start from scratch, and more information will be provided to players about the ranking system.

The new season is set to be introduced on February 13th, with developers aiming to surpass the historic peak of simultaneous users achieved on the game’s fourth anniversary. This update is highly anticipated, and the community is excited to see the impact of these changes on the game.

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