Conquer the Most Powerful Boss in Palworld with Your Army


The world of Palworld is not always as friendly as it seems. In its colorful landscapes hide Pals that self-destruct with an explosion to kill us, that attack in groups to destroy us, and huge beasts with a high level. Surviving their attacks and emerging victorious is a matter of ingenuity… or having a higher level than them.

One Pal was insufficient for the attack, so he gathered all his friends to face the beast.

The great Jormuntide, a reference to Jörmungandder from Norse Mythology, is a huge Level 45 Pal, Dragon/Water type with the shape of an aquatic serpent. The fans of Pokémon Surely they can establish certain similarities with the fearsome Gyarados. Defeating him without having a sufficient level is not easy, but it is not impossible either. Reddit user Jemson teaches us a little trick that we can use with any world boss.

“Palworld is a secret tower defense game,” it says in the title. And he has reasons: he uses a Pal Box to take out all the Pals from him in the boss area and not give the beast any fighting chance. If you want to use this method without destroying your main base, know that it is necessary to unlock at least Level 15 of the base to be able to use several Pal boxes.

Most players use the rest of the boxes to establish farming posts or have fast travel in strategic places. In any case, it’s not bad to reserve one to gather an army and destroy bosses easily… at least until you have the maximum level.

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