Cities: Skylines 2 Sells Over One Million Copies, Confirmed by Publisher


Paradox Interactive is pleased with the sales of Cities: Skylines II on PC, but they promise to improve the performance of the title and move forward with the console versions.

When it comes to strategy and management games, it is undeniable that Cities: Skylines is one of the modern classics that you can’t miss. Like others in its genre, it would first arrive on PC, and later have adapted versions for PlayStation, Xbox, or even Nintendo Switch.

Last October, the developers at Colossal Order launched a second installment, Cities: Skylines II, promising to revolutionize the concept of city building.

However, its initial release on PC was nothing short of a disaster. The game received mixed reviews (on Steam it only has a 48% positive reviews), highlighting the new construction mechanics but blaming its poor performance and disappointing optimization.

At least it’s something that the folks at Colossal Order can fix with patches and updates. Also, remember that the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are on the way.

If you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you can play Cities: Skylines II at no additional cost on Windows, and also the Xbox Series version when it becomes available.

Successful cities, but ”under construction”

In their traditional financial report for the end of the fiscal year (ends on March 31), the publisher Paradox Interactive has confirmed the figures achieved by Cities: Skylines II in its first months on sale.

On one hand, there is good news. The game from Colossal Order is already a success, and that’s even though the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are yet to come, planned for this spring. There will also be expansions released.

Cities: Skylines II managed to sell more than a million copies at its PC launch. Not bad at all, considering the game also arrived day one on Xbox Game Pass.

Cities: Skylines II

However, Paradox’s spokespersons are aware of how much Cities: Skylines II needs to improve to win over players.

We’re upset because we didn’t meet player expectations in terms of performance, launches on other platforms, and features from the start. Developer Colossal Order is working hard on improvements and remains fully committed to continue improving and developing the game”.

We’ll see if Colossal Order fulfills its promise. While they have confirmed that they are working on updates, they also ruled out that it will be ”little by little”.

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In other words, Cities: Skylines II will receive major updates to improve its performance and fix errors, but in ”medium” time frames, and not in the short term, which has not pleased its players.

Cities: Skylines II will be one of the great city-building games in history, heir to legendary titles like SimCity. However, the game from Colossal Order must improve a lot to reach that milestone. You can play it, for now, on Windows, Steam, and Game Pass.

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