Cillian Murphy Open to ’28 Years Later’ Return


Cillian Murphy’s life has been on an exciting trajectory since he first graced our screens at the tender age of 23 in ’28 Days Later’, Danny Boyle’s iconic fast-paced infection horror film. Fast forward and fans of the series have something to celebrate: the announcement of a third film, ’28 Years Later’, which signals Murphy’s return to the terrifying world Boyle has crafted. While his role on screen remains unconfirmed, Murphy is set to be an executive producer for the impending installment.

When asked about potentially starring in the new film, Murphy’s response was a cool and collected, “I’m available,” as reported by Fear HQ. This wouldn’t be a surprising move since Murphy has established himself as one of the most dynamic actors of his generation, trailing successes like ‘Oppenheimer’, his renowned performance in ‘Peaky Blinders’, and roles in blockbusters like ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘A Quiet Place Part II’. Despite his varied and busy schedule, Murphy appears more than willing to dive back into the horror genre with Boyle at the helm.

The startling memory of his role in ’28 Days Later’ remains vivid not only for Murphy but for fans as well. The 2002 film made waves for its fresh take on the undead subgenre which, at the time, was far from being overdone. The infected, rampaging at a regular human’s pace due to a rabies-like virus, presented a double threat of danger. And who could forget the film’s unforgettable opening scene? Murphy, dressed simply in a hospital gown, traverses the haunting desolation of London, creating a lasting image that would define the movie’s tone and success.

Murphy reflects on his initial ignorance of the film’s genre, admitting, “I wasn’t entirely sure we were going to make a zombie movie, to be honest.” He adds with a sense of relief, “I’m glad I didn’t see Romero’s because I never realized how revered they are.” It’s clear that ’28 Days Later’ served to reignite a genre that was languishing at the time, with Murphy crediting the writer Alex Garland and director Danny Boyle for breathing new life into the concept of zombie films.

The upcoming ’28 Years Later’ promises to keep the excitement alive, building upon a franchise that has redefined horror for many fans. With Cillian Murphy’s potential involvement, there’s little doubt that the next chapter will be anything short of thrilling. Whether he steps in front of the camera or not, his attachment to the project heralds a certain quality and dedication that audiences have come to expect from the actor. Murphy’s readiness to return to the fold and the enduring legacy of ’28 Days Later’ signify an exciting time ahead for the beloved series.

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