Cillian Murphy Joins ’28 Years Later’ to Expand Iconic Saga


Horror and zombie movie fans, get ready to be thrilled once more! Following the recent exciting announcement of the movie ’28 Years Later,’ which will see the dynamic duo Danny Boyle and Alex Garland steering the ship, there’s even more gripping news—Cillian Murphy, famed for his roles in ‘Oppenheimer’ and ‘Peaky Blinders,’ is set to join the project as well.

’28 Years Later’ isn’t just a one-hit wonder; it heralds the start of an entire new trilogy that picks up the thread of terror from the 2002 hit ’28 Days Later’ and its 2007 sequel ’28 Weeks Later.’ With Cillian Murphy coming on board, we have one certainty and one intriguing mystery. We know for sure that he’ll be taking a seat at the production table as an executive producer for the new movies. However, the big question is whether he’ll also step in front of the camera to reprise his role as Jim, the protagonist of the first film.

Given the anticipation surrounding these new installments, fans might want to rewatch the original movies to refresh their memories. If you’re itching to revisit ’28 Days Later,’ you may have to wait a bit longer, as it’s not currently available on any streaming platforms. But there’s good news for those wanting to catch ’28 Weeks Later.’ It’s ready for viewing on Disney+, and for those who prefer other platforms, it’s available for rent on Apple TV, Movistar+, Google Movies, and Rakuten TV, starting at 3.99 euros.

The return of Cillian Murphy to the ’28 Days Later’ universe is sure to spark a fresh wave of excitement among fans. Whether he dons the producer’s hat or slips back into character, Murphy’s involvement promises a gripping continuation of the much-loved apocalyptic narrative. So, mark your calendars and stay tuned for more updates as this thrilling trilogy unfolds.

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