Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Fast & Furious Movie Revealed


Director Christopher Nolan Reveals His Passion for Fast & Furious Franchise

The director has once again commented on his passion for one of the film franchises where action is measured by octane.

The Oscar race for Oppenheimer has Christopher Nolan extremely busy, as he has been granting interviews in different media for weeks now.

This week, among other conversations, he stopped by The Late Show (via Variety), where Stephen Colbert brought up a film franchise that the director admitted to being a long-time fan of: Fast & Furious.

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Despite not everyone enjoying the franchise, Fast & Furious has already released eleven movies—if we count the spin-off—and usually garners solid box office numbers, even in the case of Fast & Furious X, despite its inflated budget playing against it.

Christopher Nolan doesn’t analyze the saga as a box office success, but for its ability to make him enjoy and disconnect through this universe born from the world of street racing that has hybridized into an action franchise where the laws of physics and logic are apt to disappear at the convenience of the “Family.”

Christopher Nolan Feels No Guilt in Being a Fast & Furious Fan

In his chat with Stephen Colbert, who highlighted that he hadn’t seen any of the movies, Christopher Nolan pointed out which is his favorite film in the saga.

“I don’t feel guilty about being a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise. It’s a tremendous action franchise… You’ve never seen any of the movies? I watch them all the time. I love them!

I’m surprised you’ve never seen any of them. The recent ones have a specific arc and mythology. I would start with Tokyo Drift and see it as something unique.”

Christopher Nolan likes movies with thrilling scenes and ambitious photography, so the Fast & Furious saga perfectly meets his demands and he’s probably interested in knowing how the changes that the franchise is undergoing at Universal are resolved.

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