Chris Rock to Helm 2021’s Top Oscar Foreign Film Remake


Get ready to toast to a brand new take on a cinematic sensation! “Another Round,” the intoxicating Danish drama that waltzed away with the Oscar for Best International Film in 2020, is about to be remixed Hollywood-style with none other than the hilarious Chris Rock at the helm. Imagine this—Chris Rock, the comedian who tickles your funny bone, diving deep to direct this potent narrative. And the buzz doesn’t stop there. Deadline has spilled the details: the Hollywood version is in the mix with Rock likely stirring in his own flavor while borrowing the original recipe crafted by the dynamic Danish duo, Thomas Vinterberg and Tobias Lindholm.

Now, if you’ve caught a glimpse of Mads Mikkelsen in the original, you’ll know he’s a tough act to follow. With the Danish film not just clinching an Oscar but also scoring a Best Director nod (a rarity for international entries, with the notable exception of Bong Joon-Ho’s “Parasite”), the anticipation for this remake is high enough to pop a champagne cork. Yet, whispers about the rest of the ensemble are just that—whispers. The big question is, with Rock’s comedic prowess leading the charge, how will the tone of this sober tale of inebriation change?

This venture of adapting non-English hits for the Anglo-Saxon audience isn’t new territory. It’s a Hollywood habit to translate the essence of international success into something that resonates with their own, and often very different, audience. Remember, “Another Round” wasn’t just a trophy magnet; it was a cash register-ringing marvel that dazzled well beyond its $5 million budget. Now, Chris Rock and company are brewing their own concoction, hoping to distill that magic for moviegoers this side of the Atlantic.

Let’s break down the plot ‘buzz’ of “Another Round”: Picture this—a quartet of high school teachers tackling a rather spirited sociological experiment. Each educator raises a glass to maintain a steady level of alcohol in their bloodstream throughout their day-to-day lives. It’s a daring dance to prove a boozy hypothesis: can a constant tipple tap into a higher level of existence in all spheres of life? It’s a toast to the human spirit that’s already available for your viewing pleasure on streaming platforms such as HBO Max, Filmin, and Tivify.

So, here’s to “Another Round” – a shot of innovation with a twist of Chris Rock. Will it be a cinematic cocktail that leaves audiences asking for a refill? Only time will tell. One thing’s for certain, though: the blend of poignant drama and Rock’s potential comedic twist promises to be a unique and intriguing brew that has us all waiting with bated breath. As the production bubbles away, we’ll be keeping our wine glasses at the ready and our ears open for the latest whispers about this intoxicating project. Cheers to new beginnings and unexpected fusions in the world of film!

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