Chris Pratt’s Hilarious Mr. Pringles Makeover for Super Bowl


Get ready to dive into the spirited ambiance of the Super Bowl! It’s not just a football game; it’s an event that goes beyond the gridiron, tapping into the realms of music, marketing, and entertainment. The highly anticipated half-time show and the barrage of creative commercials are as integral to the Super Bowl experience as the game itself. This celebration of American sport and culture captures the attention of millions, eagerly waiting for exclusive trailers for upcoming movies, TV series, or video games. And this year, among the array of ads competing for the limelight, one particularly intriguing commercial features none other than the charming actor, Chris Pratt, who amusingly becomes the face of Mr. Pringles.

During a friendly chat with Variety magazine, Chris Pratt shared insights into the making of the Pringles ad and the unexpected journey to adopting his Mr. Pringles persona. “There’s a lot that goes into the ad. We’re really playing with this post-truth idea where you’re suddenly thrust into a role,” Pratt explained. “I became Mr. Pringles, and that’s just how it is now. We got to do a lot of improv, which was fun.” The actor went on to detail how he shaped his look for the character, revealing that it involved growing a mustache and putting a creative twist on it. “I styled it with a bit of a curl – turns out it’s quite a good fit for a character,” he said. This new look not only surprised his fans but was a hit at home too. Pratt’s wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, was rather fond of the distinctive style. “It started with me posting something on social media,” Pratt shared. Fans quickly took notice, with comments pouring in on his uncanny resemblance to Mr. Pringles, eventually catching the eye of the titular brand itself.

But how exactly did Chris Pratt find himself in this savory scenario? Well, it was during an industry-wide work stoppage in Hollywood — a challenging period for many actors. Pratt decided to change things up and grew out a thick mustache, not knowing that it would set off a social media frenzy. “Mr. Pringles?” people speculated online. And with the power of chance and the virality of the internet, the potato chip company seized the opportunity. Embracing Pratt’s new look, they quickly brought him on board for an ad campaign that was nothing short of cinematic, set to make its dazzling debut during the Super Bowl. This playfully crafted commercial envisions an alternate reality where Chris Pratt steps into the role of Mr. Pringles and even headlines a movie about the iconic brand.

The Super Bowl ad featuring Chris Pratt as Mr. Pringles is more than just a promotional stunt; it’s a testament to the unpredictable nature of social media and how a simple post can spiral into a full-fledged, star-studded marketing campaign. Whether you’re there for the touchdowns or the half-time spectacle, the Super Bowl consistently delivers unforgettable moments. So, when the big game rolls around, keep an eye out for Chris Pratt sporting that whimsical mustache, and enjoy the delightful escapade of Mr. Pringles brought to life.

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