Celeste’s Sixth Anniversary Free Spin-Off in Nintendo 64 Style


Maddy Makes Games has released a 3D version of the first chapter of the platformer Celeste. It has been six years since the release of Celeste, which is considered one of the best platforms of the last decade. The pixel art adventure challenged players to climb a mountain while dealing with traps and obstacles, all while conveying a message of empathy towards mental health.

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of Celeste’s release, the developer has launched a free spin-off called “Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain.” This version completely changes the perspective by transitioning to a 3D format reminiscent of classic Nintendo console games.

The spin-off features the first chapter of the original game, the Abandoned City, with 30 strawberries to collect throughout the level. Despite being developed in just one week, there may be some noticeable errors, but the fact that the game is free makes these issues easily forgivable.

The game includes a timer to challenge players, encouraging them to engage in speedrun sessions. A typical playthrough will last around 30 minutes, making it a perfect experience for a quick gaming session.

In addition to the new spin-off, Maddy Makes Games also posted about the release of a new game controller related to the missing Titanic submarine, linking it to the ongoing situation in the Ukrainian War. Overall, the 3D version of Celeste offers a nostalgic and engaging experience for fans of the original game.

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