Bryan Cranston’s Final Word on Ending the Breaking Bad Saga


Bryan Cranston, one of the most acclaimed actors of our era, has graced our screens with an array of unforgettable performances. From the comical father in “Malcolm in the Middle” to the iconic Walter White in “Breaking Bad,” Cranston’s range and talent have made him a household name. Especially noteworthy is his portrayal of Walter White, a character so legendary that he’s etched himself into the annals of television history.

Amidst the buzz of his latest movie release, “For Argy,” Cranston sat down for an interview with ET where he reflected on the finale of “Breaking Bad.” He shared a philosophical take on endings, likening them to life’s natural cycles, including the changing seasons and even life itself. Cranston emphasized the importance of stories having a beginning, a middle, and an end, and then simply letting go. He expressed pride in what he and the “Breaking Bad” team accomplished during their time together.

Vince Gilligan, the mastermind behind “Breaking Bad” and its prequel “Better Call Saul,” also spoke out in a conversation with Variety. With brutal honesty, he contemplated the future of his beloved universe. Although he acknowledged the uncertainty of success for future projects, Gilligan showed reluctance to returning to the “Breaking Bad” world, despite potentially strong pulls for more.

Gilligan’s feelings can perhaps be best summed up by his declaration of wanting to let his creation stand as it is, suggesting that any more storytelling might just be forcing the issue. Citing “Breaking Bad” as his life’s work and foreseeing it as a legacy to be immortalized on his tombstone, he couldn’t be any prouder of what was accomplished.

Turning the spotlight back on Bryan Cranston, it is evident that he’s enjoyed immense success. While some may have initially typecast him following his role as a lovable father in “Malcolm in the Middle,” it was his transformation into the meth kingpin Walter White on “Breaking Bad” that revealed his true versatility as an actor. Cranston has emerged as a leading figure in the acting world, and what sets him apart is his understanding of the natural order of life and storytelling—a belief that all things, no matter how great, must eventually come to an end.

As he walked the red carpet at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, the sparkle of cameras and admiration of fans encapsulated the magnitude of Cranston’s accomplishments. His career not only boasts of awards and critical acclaim but also the love of audiences who have been taken on a roller coaster of emotions through his many characters.

In a world that often sees franchises prolonged and stories stretched beyond their natural lifespan, Cranston’s and Gilligan’s perspectives on “Breaking Bad” serves as a breath of fresh air. It demonstrates a respect for the narrative and for the audience, ensuring that the story concluded on its own terms, leaving a lasting impact and maintaining its integrity. It’s a show that, years after its finale, still captivates the imagination and continues to be celebrated for its brilliant storytelling and stellar performances.

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