Bruce Campbell confirms new Evil Dead movie


A new Evil Dead movie is in the works, the popular horror saga starring Bruce Campbell, who now serves as the franchise’s producer.

After several more or less successful projects, the horror saga Evil Dead returned to the big screen in 2023 with Evil Dead Rise, a sort of reboot of the franchise in which the demons known as Deadites wreak havoc once again.

In view of the positive reception the movie has received in theaters, it is expected that we’ll soon have news of a new installment in the franchise. And, indeed, that has been the case.

Bruce Campbell himself, the actor who starred in the original Sam Raimi saga and who now participates in the franchise as a producer, has confirmed the reports announcing the development of a new Evil Dead movie.

Through his official X (the social network formerly known as Twitter) account, Campbell shared a photo confirming the upcoming installment.

“Well, I guess the demon is out of the basement…,” reads the post shared by Bruce Campbell.

What is known about the new Evil Dead installment

According to Deadline, the next Evil Dead movie is described as a new spin-off, which suggests it will be a new story “separate” from everything previously seen.

However, at the moment it is unknown how this new movie will connect with previous installments and whether we will see actors from the franchise reprising their roles in this project.

What is confirmed is that the new Evil Dead movie will be co-written and directed by Sébastien Vaniček, the filmmaker behind titles such as Vermin: La plaga and Crocs.

The new spin-off of Evil Dead is expected to be released in theaters sometime in 2025. Are you excited to see the next installment of the horror saga?

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