Brandon Sanderson’s Epic Star Wars-like Saga: A Bestselling Series That Deserves Its Own TV Show


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Brandon Sanderson is by far one of the most successful authors of recent years, especially with Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive, his two main sagas and the ones that accumulate the most sales and comments, but this author is so prolific that he has so much more.

One of the perhaps less well-known sagas is also one of the most unique. We are talking about Skyward, which already has four published books and some co-published with other authors, so there is plenty of material to enjoy it to the fullest, and all are for sale in stores such as Amazon or FNAC.

What is interesting is that, without neglecting fantasy, it is a full-fledged space opera, like other popular sagas in history, such as Dune or the entire Star Wars. saga.

It’s not exactly the same, and perhaps some may consider the comparison as almost blasphemy, but the reality is that it serves very well to satisfy your desires while waiting for new installments of series or movies from both productions, and we will probably end up seeing a Skyward series sooner rather than later.

Obviously, we cannot go into full detail of the plot, but it is enough to say that it is a saga as addictive or more than other Sanderson sagas.

The action is developed in an agile and fast-paced way and it is worth advancing chapter after chapter, until you cannot stop reading, a sensation that all fans of this author know very well.

On his Goodreads review page, he already has 133,000 reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 stars, which is not bad at all. The synopsis that is shared is the following: “The world has been at war for centuries; humanity is trapped on a planet constantly attacked by aliens determined to destroy it. Pilots are the only heroes willing to fight the enemy.”

It is totally true that perhaps classifying it as “the Top Gun of Space,” as they do on Goodreads, does not do complete justice to its plot and development for reasons that we cannot comment on and you will begin to discover at the moment you finish the first of his books.

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