Brandon Sanderson Cosmere Guide: Mistborn & Stormlight Order


Dive into the Extraordinary World of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through an imaginative and enchanting literary universe? Prepare to immerse yourself in the magic-infused wonders of the Cosmere, a masterpiece spun from the inventive mind of Nebraska’s own Brandon Sanderson. This prolific author has taken the fantasy world by storm with his distinctive approach to storytelling, where robust, ‘hard’ magical laws breathe life into an extraordinary tapestry of otherworldly adventures.

The Cosmere encompasses a dazzling array of planets and solar systems, each a home to captivating narratives and intriguing characters. Readers young and old have found joy and escapism within these pages, discovering along the way the intricate connections that weave Sanderson’s creations into a larger, mesmerizing whole.

What lies within the realms of the Cosmere, you might ask? Let’s start with the essentials. Imagine a place where diverse worlds like Ashyn, Braize, and Roshar all share the same cosmic space, slowly revealing their shared destiny and deep-rooted links. At the heart of this universe, you’ll find celebrated sagas such as ‘Mistborn’ and ‘The Stormlight Archive’ that not only stand on their own but also serve as welcoming gateways into Sanderson’s expansive vision.

‘Mistborn,’ a captivating series split into two eras, with six core books plus a secret history and a short story, unfolds chronologically before ‘The Stormlight Archive.’ This grand opus of Sanderson’s—currently comprising four central novels, two short stories, and a secret novel—stands as a testament to his storytelling prowess.

If you’re wondering where to begin your journey through the Cosmere, MeriStation suggests starting with the ‘Mistborn’ Era 1 trilogy: ‘The Final Empire,’ ‘The Well of Ascension,’ and ‘The Hero of Ages.’ It’s an adventure that, once embarked upon, could profoundly impact your reading life, leaving indelible words etched in steel upon your heart.

Once ‘Mistborn’ captivates you, consider visiting ‘Elantris,’ Sanderson’s first published work, which paves the way for his universes. As his debut novel, ‘Elantris’ may feel a bit rawer in execution, but the payoff is in its significant contributions to the Cosmere. Following ‘Elantris,’ Sanderson presents ‘The Emperor’s Soul,’ and then, before he unveils his masterpiece, he offers readers ‘Warbreaker’—a standalone book that enriches the Cosmere experience.

‘The Stormlight Archive’ is essential reading for avid fans craving to see the Cosmere’s full breadth. This saga, with ‘Words of Radiance,’ ‘Edgedancer,’ ‘Oathbringer,’ ‘Dawnshard,’ ‘Rhythm of War,’ and others, offers a deep dive into the grandeur of Sanderson’s imaginative prowess.

But the wonders of the Cosmere don’t stop there! If ‘Mistborn’ left you yearning for more, ‘Mistborn’ Era 2 awaits with adventures in ‘The Alloy of Law’ and beyond. And for those who are still hesitant to commit to a full series, there are standalone novels set within the Cosmere, like ‘Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell’ and ‘The Emperor’s Soul,’ which offer excellent entry points and glimpses into Sanderson’s extraordinary narrative universe.

Now, you might be curious about the optimal reading order for these tales. If you’re a romantic at heart, desiring to traverse the Cosmere as it unfolded from Sanderson’s pen, you’ll want to follow the publication order starting with ‘Elantris’ in 2005, journeying through ‘Mistborn,’ and up to the most recent releases in 2023, such as ‘Tress of the Emerald Sea,’ ‘Yumi and the Painter of Nightmares,’ and ‘The Enlightened Man.’

As we anticipate the future, the Cosmere continues to grow, with fans eagerly awaiting ‘The Lost Metal,’ the culmination of ‘Mistborn’ Era 2, and ‘Winds of the Storm Archive,’ poised to bring sweeping changes upon the universe with its release on December 6, 2024. This novel promises to be a turning point, forever altering the landscape that Brandon Sanderson has so lovingly crafted over the years.

So, whether you’re a seasoned voyager of fantasy literature or a newcomer to the genre, Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere offers a multitude of pathways, each leading to realms of endless imagination, stirring heroism, and enchanting discovery. Open a book, and let the magic begin.

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