Best-Selling Portable Console with Different Original Name


The highly acclaimed machine initially had several potential names before it became known as the Nintendo DS. In the past, some gaming consoles ended up with different names than originally planned. Nintendo’s consoles are a prime example of this, often having code names before their official release, such as Dolphin for Game Cube and Nintendo NX for Nintendo Switch.

However, the case of the Nintendo DS was unique. The name that was initially on the table for this best-selling handheld console was not the one it ended up with. Initially, names such as “Iris,” which corresponds to a flower from Japan, and “Nitro” were considered. But the name that came closest to being chosen was “City Boy,” which was even registered. The reason for this choice was to maintain the naming convention used with previous portable consoles, as it was the successor to Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, and was a handheld console meant for use in the city.

Ultimately, the name chosen for the Nintendo DS was a logical one – “Nintendo DS,” with “DS” standing for “Dual Screen,” reflecting its distinctive feature of having two screens. It begs the question: would it have been as successful if it had been named “City Boy”?

In conclusion, the Nintendo DS, with its dual screens, lived up to its name and became one of the most successful handheld consoles in history. Its unique features and innovative design undoubtedly played a significant role in its success. And while the name “City Boy” was a consideration, ultimately, “Nintendo DS” was the most fitting name for this iconic handheld console.

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