Best Piano Melodies from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Zelda, Kingdom Hearts


Players of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo on PS5 are showing off their piano skills by playing melodies from Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, The Simpsons…

The demo of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PlayStation 5 allows you to play the beginning of the game, a spectacular prologue that shows the past of Cloud and Sephiroth. Fairly serious themes, although there is at least some space for relaxation with the piano minigame.

When visiting Tifa’s house, you have the option to play the piano, and thus begins one of the many minigames of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which is also one of the most elaborate.

By moving the two sticks to play the keys, and changing scales with the triggers, you can play the piano with total freedom. And although there are songs you can play to get the best score (learning the sheet music in the process), like Tifa’s song, you can play whatever you want. And that’s the best part.

The best piano performances by players of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo

Judging by the number of clips shared from PS5 about the demo (with the hashtag #FF7Rebirth), the piano has conquered the players and streamers, who have completely ignored the main quest to learn to play the piano.

The Square Enix account already teased this mode with a performance of Cloud’s “Happy Birthday” (Final Fantasy 7 turned 27 years old since its release in Japan last week), and fans have played many more melodies, from Kingdom Hearts, Zelda…

Happy Birthday

The Simpsons



Kingdom Hearts

The Legend of Zelda

Many fans already estimate that they will spend more hours playing Tifa’s virtual piano than completing the game. And that’s considering it will have many other minigames, such as a Chocobo racing arcade or a 3D polygonal fighting game.

Recently, The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered introduced a guitar minigame on PS5, where we could play the guitar with great freedom. It seems that musical minigames have become trendy, and on February 29, 2024 we will be able to play the piano in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, although if you download the demo you can start practicing now.

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