Berserk manga faces delay due to bad weather in Japan


The Berserk curse remains in force despite the death of Kentaro Miura
Since the death of its author, Berserk has been intermittently publishing the remaining chapters of the story of Guts and his gang. Several weeks ago, it was announced that the new chapter of the manga was coming, but unfortunately, we will have to wait longer to find out the fate of the Black Swordsman.

As reported by MangaMogura on Twitter, Studio Gaga has decided to postpone the release of chapter 376 of the manga, which was scheduled for February 22. Although no explanations have been given, everything indicates that it is due to the problems caused by a snowstorm that has affected the entire country.

One of the manga workers and one of the main people in charge of Studio Gaga commented on his Twitter account on February 5 that, due to the storm and the problems that have arisen regarding these snowfalls, they would not be able to move forward with the magnum opus by Kentaro Miura.

Luckily, knowing that the chapter has been delayed more than once, it is likely that March will finally be the month chosen to launch the new chapter of Berserk. Furthermore, throughout 2024, the highly anticipated Volume 43 of the work will be launched, which will compile the last chapters of a work that has been, is, and will be the history of the industry.

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