Bart Simpson criticizes Kings League, Spursito and Rayo upset with refereeing


Week after week, league presidents question referee decisions. Despite VAR, there are some key plays in the Kings and Queens League that are not in line with the regulations or are not applied in the best way, and this weekend was no exception. In the Saiyans against Rayo de Barcelona match, complaints were heard again for a play that changed the script of the game.

The play in question was the penalty that was awarded in favor of Saiyans with 1-1 in the light. In the VAR review, only the contact was looked at, which was criticized by the players themselves on the field, and even by some presidents in the WhatsApp group they have, as revealed by Spursito. Besides that, VAR file showed that there was a previous offside in the action that triggered that maximum penalty.

Both during the break and during the live show itself, Spursito, dressed as Bart Simpson, was very critical of the decisions, stating, “I’m dying of shame, it’s the same as always, there is no other explanation.” After the end of the match, the presidents of Saiyans and Rayo de Barcelona continued with their exchange of statements, and before closing directly, one of them mentioned that it was embarrassing and that all the presidents of the league laughed at him and all the people who saw that.

In line with this heat, the official account of the King of Barcelona also commented on the arbitration issue, calling it a shame and stating that they try to professionalize the league but fail at the easiest thing. 3 minutes later, this penalty was awarded without analyzing the offside.

Once again, After Kings will be heated again, especially with the dispute between Grefg and Spursito who said practically everything in the connections that Kings League made during the match.

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