Avowed: The Fantasy RPG Keeps Surprises at Xbox Event


Obsidian’s upcoming RPG, Avowed, has captured the hearts of fantasy genre fans since its initial announcement. The recent Xbox Developer_Direct event revealed that the game is set to launch this fall, generating even more excitement among eager fans. However, what was showcased at the event may not be an accurate representation of the game’s current state.

Carrie Patel, the director of the game, discussed the progress of Avowed on the podcast Dropped Frames (via GamesRadar+). She mentioned that the game is still a work in progress, and the content shown at previous events is just a glimpse of what’s to come. Patel also noted that the team is actively working on improving aspects such as the sensation of hitting and impacts when attacking enemies, addressing feedback from fans.

As the release date approaches, Obsidian is expected to share more details about the fantasy world of Avowed. The team aims to dispel the notion that Avowed will simply be “the Skyrim” of Obsidian, instead highlighting the game as a “fantasy version of The Outer Worlds,” according to the director’s statements.

In addition to showcasing the game at various events, Obsidian also wants to address misconceptions surrounding Avowed. The team assures that it is not necessary to have played Pillars of Eternity to enjoy Avowed and emphasizes that it will be a combat-focused game, dispelling any notions about non-violent gameplay.

In summary, Avowed has generated significant anticipation within the gaming community, and fans can look forward to more updates and insights into the game’s development as its release date draws closer.

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