Avowed: Obsidian’s Class-Free RPG – Forge Your Unique Hero


Attention all Western RPG enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure through the fantastical realms in “Avowed,” the latest first-person journey crafted by the masterminds at Obsidian Entertainment. Sparkling with excitement following a recent in-depth showcase during the Xbox Developer Direct, “Avowed” promises a gaming experience like no other, especially with its intriguing twist: the absence of traditional character classes. But fear not—this design choice is not a limitation, according to Gabe Paramo, the game’s gameplay director. In reality, it’s a gateway to endless possibilities. “There is no perfect build,” he asserts, highlighting the game’s expansive freedom in character development.

Immerse yourself in “Avowed,” a game imbued with that unmistakable Obsidian DNA. Paramo, in his conversation with Games Radar, introduced the concept of “combinatorials”—a term that might elicit some chuckles but encapsulates the heart of the game’s combat system. Imagine holding a gun in your right hand while wielding a shield in your left—blocking and shooting in tandem. Every choice in “Avowed” has a consequence, whether you opt for a swift and silent dagger or a loud, reload-intensive gun, every decision shapes your experience.

Each engagement in battle presents a myriad of strategic decisions. “There is no perfect build,” Paramo reiterates, underscoring a key component of the gameplay—choice and its repercussions. Fortunately, if you find yourself longing to alter your combat style or simply wish to experiment, “Avowed” grants you the liberty to reassign your character’s points, enabling a deep dive into all the intriguing combos you can concoct.

“Avowed” isn’t merely a haven for those who relish combat; aficionados of story-centric choices can also take a sigh of relief. According to Carrie Patel, the game’s director, the narrative choices in “Avowed” ditch the generic good vs. evil paradigm in favor of a more nuanced approach. It aims to replicate the complexities of real life, where the “right” choices may not be immediately evident, potentially leading to unexpected yet justified outcomes.

As the year progresses, the anticipation for “Avowed” only swells, with its expected release in 2024 for Xbox Series and PC, and its inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. It’s time to mark your calendars, prepare your gaming setups, and await the call to adventure that “Avowed” brings for RPG fans looking for that next epic quest. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as Obsidian Entertainment continues to sculpt what appears to be another legendary experience within the gaming universe.

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