Avowed: Human or Elf Only with Obsidian’s Height Limit


Obsidian, the developer of Avowed, has confirmed that the game will include multiple endings and the absence of romantic relationships. Avowed is a new fantasy title that will take players to the world of Eora in the Pillars of Eternity universe. However, the game will be explored from a first-person perspective, which comes with its own challenges.

One of the limitations of the game is that players can only choose between humans or elves to configure their character, leaving dwarves or aumauas out of the equation. This decision was made because players will be members of the Aedyr Empire, where the domains of the kingdom are mainly dominated by both races, respecting the canon of the franchise. Additionally, there are also technical challenges related to height that would lead to problems for development.

Carrie Patel, the director of the game, mentioned that the developers want to make sure that the player’s experience is fluid, natural, and develops at an appropriate pace. This involves taking into account the variation in sizes of the Pillars species, and how it is much easier to do so in an isometric game.

Patel has also confirmed that Avowed will have a large number of endings, but has not indicated the exact number. However, players will not be able to maintain romances with their companions, but instead, will be able to “build thoughtful relationships.”

Regarding the absence of romantic relationships in the game, Patel states that it is a very complex system to carry out, as the community has very high expectations regarding the possibilities that can occur in a romantic relationship.

The launch of Avowed is expected in autumn 2024 for Xbox Series X / S and PC. Overall, the game’s development team is aiming to provide an engaging and immersive experience for players without the addition of romantic relationships.

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