Ashley Johnson’s Stunning Performance in The Last of Us 2’s Harshest Scene


In the gaming world, Naughty Dog has solidified its reputation as a studio that crafts compelling narratives and unforgettable experiences. Particularly noteworthy is their hit series, “The Last of Us.” Following the successful remake of the first game and aligning with the anticipation of the second season of its HBO adaptation, the studio has offered fans an inside look into the creative process behind “The Last of Us Part 2,” a title that initially graced the PlayStation 4.

This closer look comes in the form of a documentary titled “Grounded II,” which reveals behind-the-scenes insights for the creation of the game, including the filming of one particularly challenging scene starring Ashley Johnson as Ellie. This was a moment that has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of players.

**Warning**: The following details contain spoilers about the plot of “The Last of Us Part 2.”

Anyone who has played “The Last of Us Part 2” likely recalls the scene being alluded to—it’s none other than the tragic demise of Joel, an event that occurs early in the game. It’s a heart-wrenching twist for fans who had spent the entire previous game building a connection with Joel, a character who, despite losing his daughter in the game’s lore, braves numerous perils to ensure Ellie’s safe transport to a hospital where a rebel group known as the Fireflies waits.

“The Last of Us Part 2” places the player in the midst of a raw and powerful scene where Ellie must endure the agony of watching Abby take Joel’s life. This sequence demanded the utmost from Ashley Johnson, pushing her to embody Ellie’s anguish and horror as she experienced the loss firsthand.

But what’s a gripping and emotionally taxing tale without the possibility of continuation? Over the past weekend, the very same documentary offered a seismic revelation—Neil Druckmann, creative director at Naughty Dog, hinted at a potential continuation of this storied franchise. He teased fans by confirming that “The Last of Us Part 3” has not only been considered but that he believes there is another chapter waiting to be told in this universe.

As fans digest the news and ponder the future of “The Last of Us,” they can only speculate on what lies in store for Ellie and the remnants of this post-apocalyptic world. One thing is certain, however—Naughty Dog continues to captivate audiences with its dedication to storytelling, character development, and the captivating ways in which they bring their game worlds to life.

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