Artist creates a single creature from 152 original Pokémon


This artist has spent 9 months combining all 152 original Pokémon into a single abomination, including MissingNo; the result is horrifying.

Pokémon is a Nintendo saga that can be played on all its consoles, from Game Boy to Switch; with the future being uncertain. But, who has never done a fusion? And to combine the 152 originals?

Merging two Pokémon can be easily accomplished, what cannot be discerned is doing that with all the original creatures from Game Freak into a single mass.

If anyone has ever wondered what it would look like – for whatever reason – an artist has spent 9 months doing just that, with horrifying results.

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Reddit user TB_Mumpitz took to the main Pokémon subreddit to share his idea with the community. “I want to merge all the Pokémon from the First Generation into one,” he said.

Before starting, he asked the community to choose the starter and confessed that he had the idea “in the fall semester of 2022” and added the creatures over 152 days with the subreddit’s help.

In the final post, below these lines, the finished final creature can be seen, with its pros and cons. Looking up close you can see Beedrill’s stingers attached to Mewtwo, at least.

But the round torso of Snorlax is equipped with what appears to be the water cannons of Blastoise, looking like armed nipples, and even MissingNo is hiding somewhere on the beast.

As GamesRadar+ says, the project itself takes a lot of effort and imagination. The artist tells the media that encasing a new Pokémon took about 1 hour a day.

I was able to download the Pokémon models and backgrounds from The Model Resource,” he says. “It’s a great site to find models from a bunch of different games. I imported them and merged them in Blender.”

Merging the 152 original Pokémon is no easy task

The artist currently has no plans to replicate this challenge with other generations of Pokémon, perhaps due to the time it takes. Although he still “wants to create art of other Pokémon because they can give a lot of love in comparison.”

If anyone has not tried it, Pokémon Fusion is a great website to merge two creatures; only from the first generation of Pokémon Red and Blue, though.

This artist fused the 152 original Pokémon after 9 months of work, will anyone be able to surpass his feat with something even more daring?

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