Arthur Morgan Actor Excited to Work with Naughty Dog in Red Dead Redemption 2


When the right people and star studios come together, we have games like Red Dead Redemption 2, or even the games of Uncharted or The Last of Us. One of the best performances in the video game industry is the important role that the actor had in Arthur Morgan in the Rockstar western. Roger Clark He was the one who gave voice to the outlaw and his performance is one of the most remembered in recent years in a title.

However, there are people who constantly dream of some interesting crossovers. Can you imagine Roger Clark participating in any Naughty Dog project, be it a new IP o The Last of Us: Parte 3? That was the request from Naughty Dog Central, a fan account for the PlayStation-owned studio. The actor saw this and he responded in a very particular way that suggests that he would quickly join the team directed by Neil Druckmann.

“One of the best studies in the industry? Thank you. I wouldn’t say no,” he points out in your X/Twitter account. Naughty Dog is a studio focused on delivering single-player narrative experiences, something that matches what Clark can bring to the table. Arthur Morgan is and will be a character with charisma, personality and very few are up to the task. If he were to join Naughty Dog, the ingredients are in place to create a promising work.

The game where the actors Arthur Morgan and Joel appeared

Fort Solis is a video game that went on sale in August of last year and stars Joel and Arthur Morgan. It is not a title that lasts long, but in the Fort Solis analysis we pointed out that it looks like an interactive movie. “Its nature as a well-made space horror film, with care and a good hand when it comes to bringing tension, means that its status as a “Sunday afternoon movie” has not completely upset me.

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