Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Near-Drowning On Set


Arnold Schwarzenegger is a name synonymous with action-packed blockbusters, but finding a stunt double to match his impressive 6-foot-2-inch frame and muscular physique is no mean feat. This has often led Arnold to step in and perform challenging scenes himself, sometimes with a bit of a scare, like the time he went underwater in the movie ‘The Sixth Day.’

‘The Sixth Day,’ a movie released in 2000, may not top the list of Schwarzenegger’s most renowned films, but it definitely holds a special place for his fans. The storyline revolves around a helicopter pilot who comes home to find out he’s been replaced by a clone, a result of a botched plan to kill him. As the sinister plot unfolds, his character is hunted to finish the job that wasn’t done right.

A particularly memorable moment from the film, which could have spelled disaster for Schwarzenegger, occurred during a scene where his character has to fight underwater in a tank, alongside his clone. Arnold confidently plunged into the murky water for the sequence. Once the filming wrapped up, he was expected to exit through the same spot he got in. But here’s where things took a turn — the water was so clouded that visibility was near zero, and Arnold lost all sense of direction as his air supply dwindled.

What’s remarkable is how Schwarzenegger stayed unnervingly collected during this ordeal. Thankfully, his on-screen clone and real-world double noticed something was amiss and promptly guided Arnold back to the surface.

This underwater close call happened behind the scenes of ‘The Sixth Day,’ where Schwarzenegger played alongside notable stars like Robert Duvall and Michael Rapaport, who, it’s safe to say, didn’t face the same underwater predicament. Despite this scare, Arnold’s spirit remained unshaken. His love for the thrill of action movies never waned, and he went on to star in other high-octane films like ‘Collateral Damage’ and ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.’

It takes a lot more than a submerged scuffle to keep a good man down, especially if that man is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Narratives of his calmness under pressure, as showcased in this underwater escape, have only added to the legend of an actor who set the bar for action heroes in Hollywood. And even off-screen, his real-life escapades almost rival those of his larger-than-life characters. Such tales of his valor and resilience continue to endear him to a fan base that spans the globe, eager to watch him defy the odds in reel after reel.

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