Apple’s Vision Pro Controversy: Access Code Change Costs 300 Euros


The Vision Pro has become a technological sensation since its debut on February 2. Many users have shared their experiences with Apple’s mixed reality team, with some pushing its limits and others getting arrested for driving with Vision Pro despite the company’s warnings.

Like every Apple product, the Vision Pro has captured attention and received positive reviews. However, some users are experiencing problems with their access codes and are unable to solve them on their own.

According to The Verge, resetting the Vision Pro access code is a difficult task. If forgotten or if the device is deactivated due to multiple incorrect entries, users must go to an Apple store to reconfigure the device or send it to technical service for restoration.

Users who attempt to change the code on their own must meet certain requirements, including being a developer and purchasing a 300 euro USB-C strap. This has become a major criticism of the release, as many users have been forced to go to a store for an error that was not premeditated.

In other news, it has been reported that there are over 1 million applications available for the Vision Pro at its debut, with only 600 taking advantage of virtual reality. Additionally, Apple has announced that it will stop supporting mobile phones launched in 2018 in 2024.

Overall, the debut of Vision Pro has been met with excitement and criticism, and users are navigating through various challenges in their initial experience with the technology.

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