Apple’s Revolutionary 2024 AirPods: No Charging Required


Apple always stands out for offering quality products that convince consumers, despite not being the first in certain fields. An example of this is the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses that have already garnered a lot of attention. Along the same lines, we can also cite the AirPods, the firm’s wireless headphones that enjoy the privilege of being the most popular in the sector.

Since their debut in December 2016, millions of users have tested the virtues of the AirPods that are currently in their third generation. Therefore, their success is undoubted. However, one of the most criticized aspects of these is the battery life, which is why Apple would be working on a model that will arrive in the coming months: the AirPods Revolution.

According to a recent publication by Pikabu, these headphones will not need to be charged. Apple has a new technological revolution in mind, and this time it will be directed at its popular AirPods. The energy will be transferred through a metal wire enclosed in a flexible polymer material housing. In this way, the company targets users looking for greater freedom and autonomy with their headphones.

By connecting the AirPods Revolution to your iPhone, you will have the opportunity to listen to music for as long as your smartphone’s battery allows. In relation to its launch date and price, the first reports point to mid-2024 for the release date and a price close to $269, somewhat superior to the 3rd Gen AirPods.

In conclusion, Apple continues to innovate and introduce new and improved products to meet the demands of its consumers. The AirPods Revolution is just another example of their commitment to providing high-quality, cutting-edge technology to their customers.

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