Apple Vision Pro Reservations Now Open in US – Exorbitant Price Shock


Apple’s new mixed reality glasses, the Apple Vision Pro, is set to hit the market on February 2. The company will begin accepting reservations for the device on January 19, but the high prices have given many potential customers pause.

The base model, with 256 GB of storage, will be priced at $3,500. Customers can upgrade to a 512 GB unit for the same price, but the highest capacity, 1 TB, comes in at $3,900. This marks Apple’s first venture into the augmented reality space since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015.

Industry analysts have pointed out that Apple’s aim is long-term success, which justifies the high price and limited initial distribution. As technology advances and becomes more affordable, it is expected that the price of these devices will also come down, making them accessible to the mass market.

Reserving the Apple Vision Pro is not a straightforward process. A compatible iPhone or iPad with FaceID is required to make a reservation through the Apple website. This is used to obtain the dimensions of the user’s head and recommend the appropriate headband size. Additionally, customers with vision impairments will need to purchase ZEISS brand lenses for an extra $99 to $149.

The device will come with a variety of accessories, including the strap, a panel cover, battery, silicone coating for the viewfinder, a cleaning cloth, and a 30W USB-C charger. These features, along with the advanced technology integrated into the Apple Vision Pro, contribute to its hefty price tag.

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