Anti-Doping Controls and Replica Mode in La Velada 4 Update


The Evening of the Year is one of the most popular events in the Twitch community. What started as a clash between Reven and Elmillor has grown in historic proportions, attracting record numbers of viewers on the platform.

Ibai, before Movistar KOI’s first match in the closed qualifier for the Counter Strike 2 Major, shared two main novelties for La Velada del Año 4. The first is the implementation of anti-doping tests for boxers before they enter the ring. This decision has been accepted almost universally.

The second novelty is the addition of a replica mode, making the fights even more captivating. In the case of tied boxers, there will be a replay and an extra round to determine the winner. This aims to avoid controversies like the fight between Marina and Sammy Rivers, where the result was very close.

The judges also have the flexibility to opt for a tie if their decision is not clear, allowing for a replay to dictate the final outcome.

In regards to La Velada 4, Ibai has hinted at several fights and the event date. Playfully, he revealed the date but kept the month a secret, sparking theories about which summer month it could be.

Overall, these innovations and teasers have built up anticipation for The Evening of the Year 4, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what unfolds at the event.

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