Alan Ritchson’s Near-Death Experience on ‘Reacher’ Set


If you’re a fan of high-octane action and undercover espionage, you’ve probably heard of Amazon Prime Video’s gripping series, ‘Reacher.’ The star of the show, Alan Ritchson, has recently opened up about just how tough the filming of the first season was for him both physically and mentally.

Ritchson, who effortlessly brings to life the character of Jack Reacher, didn’t have an easy ride during the production of the series. In a candid revelation, he shared that the experience was so grueling it nearly cost him his life. “I was suffocating because of all the painkillers,” he said, explaining that they were necessary to manage the severe pain he was enduring.

The process of creating ‘Reacher,’ a show that’s as demanding as it is entertaining, was a real test of resilience for Ritchson. He’s recently talked about his decision to use testosterone to keep up with the rigorous demands of filming. The first season’s production spanned an intense 16 weeks where Ritchson found himself constantly pushing his limits.

During the filming, Alan’s days were packed from start to finish. Juggling multiple sets, he reached a point where even the simplest requests regarding his attire would make him snap due to extreme exhaustion. “I did not sleep,” he confessed, describing the relentless pressure that led him to the edge: “I was dying. I tore my shoulder and had to film the fight scenes loaded on analgesics,” the actor revealed, illustrating the sheer toughness of the shoot.

But bravery comes with a price, and for Ritchson, that price was an injury that culminated in shoulder surgery once the season wrapped. This prompted a serious discussion with the production team. Going forward, Ritchson emphasized the need for a more sustainable approach, underlining the show’s potential for longevity with a poignant reminder: “If you think we are going to do this for seven, eight, or even ten years… This is unsustainable,” he asserted.

Driven by his commitment to the role and love for the character, Alan Ritchson has indicated his desire to continue embodying Jack Reacher for as long as possible. His dedication shines through in his portrayal, but it’s clear that he’s advocating for a balance that allows him to give his all without sacrificing his well-being. Fans can surely appreciate the effort it takes to deliver a character that jumps off the screen and grabs their attention, mesmerizing them with death-defying stunts and heart-pounding action.

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