AI Glasses: Real-time Translation & Object Identification at a Fraction of the Cost


The Apple Vision Pro has been dominating the conversation about augmented reality, but the Frame glasses from Brilliant Labs are offering something different. Priced at $349 and set to start shipping in mid-April, these augmented reality glasses provide translation, internet search, and visual analysis at the touch of a voice using artificial intelligence.

The Frame glasses are equipped with a 1280 x 720 pixel HD camera, integrated microphone and speaker, and a 640 x 400 pixel micro OLED screen that projects images and text on the glass. Despite not being as advanced as other augmented reality glasses, the Frames focus on the basics and have a design that resembles normal glasses. They also have the option to use prescription lenses and come with a 222 mAh battery that promises a whole day of use before needing to be recharged.

One potential drawback is that while the use of integrated AI will be free at the beginning, there may be a daily request limit for the free version and a subscription model for unlimited usage in the future. However, the glasses are not tied to their own platform and other applications can be used.

The Frame glasses offer functions such as real-time language translation, object and image identification, internet search, nutritional data display, and virtual furniture try-outs through augmented reality and artificial intelligence. One of their standout features is that they are open source and completely hackable, allowing users to create their own functions.

Overall, the Frame glasses present a unique proposition in the augmented reality space, offering a different approach at a competitive price point.

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