After a 10-year wait, Rust players will get highly requested features


The future has finally arrived in Rust with the addition of the ultimate survival item: backpacks.

If you look for the official launch of Rust, many places will tell you that it was in 2018, but the reality is that we have been making the psychopath with bald gentlemen since 2013. It has been a little over a decade since it was put into early access. Since then, a lot has happened: from monthly updates, radical changes and several popularity spikes, to a version for consoles.

2024 had to arrive for Facepunch Studios decides to fulfill one of the most repeated wishes throughout these 10 years. We are a few months away from it being introduced and everything changing forever. We are talking about the arrival of backpacks in the Backpack Update.

And what do backpacks do? The same as in the rest of the video games: increase inventory. It’s not crazy to say that this changes everything: from the farming phases to transports during raids. There is no doubt that it will be one of the first basic objects to make.

Backpacks don’t come alone. Facepunch Studios will also add in 2024: new and renewed monuments, aids for new players, motorcycles, drones, parachutes, new server menu interface, more weapons and buildable areas. In addition, performance and quality of life improvements will be added, although it is not specified if they are only for PC or also for the console versions.

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