Actor of Mufasa explains character changes in Lion King prequel


Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ to Get Prequel Focused on Mufasa

The 2019 ‘Lion King’ will have a prequel centered on the character of Mufasa, Simba’s father, that is planned to hit the theaters by the end of the year, next December.

Among the multiple live-action adaptations that Disney is developing based on its animated movies, is ‘Mufasa: The Lion King’, a prequel to the live-action version of ‘The Lion King’ released in 2019, which will be starring Simba’s father.

In both the original 1994 film and the live-action remake, actor James Earl Jones was the voice of King Mufasa, but in this new installment, we will have Aaron Pierre taking on the role.

The remake of ‘The Lion King’ was one of the latest works of the now 93-year-old James Earl Jones. Aaron Pierre will bring to life a younger version of the character Mufasa, before Simba existed, and while growing up alongside his brother Scar, who would eventually become the antagonist of the first film.

Aaron Pierre has recognized in an interview with Collider the influence of James Earl Jones on his work and the legacy he leaves behind: “Well, first and foremost, I want to acknowledge that James Earl Jones is a huge inspiration to me. Extremely. And I am very honored to step into this role after him.”

This Is How Mufasa Has Changed in Disney’s Prequel

“I think the key difference will be that here we are exploring Mufasa in a different way,” explained Aaron Pierre. “When Sir James Earl Jones portrayed him, it was Mufasa in all his glory […] and I think here we are exploring Mufasa before that moment.”

“What does this young lion look like before he is who we know him to be […], how does he behave, how does he relate to his community and his loved ones? I think that is the key. That’s what we are going to find out,” added the new actor portraying Mufasa for Disney.

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