5 Unique Last Minute Gifts for Those Caught by the Bull


We are very close to the halfway point of the month of February, and that means that Valentine’s Day is about to knock on our door. It is a time that many of us choose to give a gift to our partner, but with the stress of daily life it is very normal for us to put it off until it is (almost) too late. For this reason, in this article we give you 5 original ideas that can get you out of trouble and they arrive in time for February 14. Let’s go with them!

Bunch of Flowers LEGO Icons
There is no more typical gift on Valentine’s Day than opting for a bouquet of flowers. The small “but” that we can add to this gift is that, after a while, the flowers wither. For this reason, a fantastic alternative is to opt for this LEGO Icons set, which includes a combination of 15 stems where we will find different types of flowers. There are more than 750 pieces that we can assemble as a couple. Its price on Amazon is 47.95 euros.

Elgato Stream Deck MK.2
If our partner is a streamer or works with many processes in their daily lives, a great gift we can buy is this Stream Deck MK.2 from Elgato. It is a product that allows us to have many types of actions just one key away. This model, completely white, has 15 LCD keys that we can customize to the millimeter, both in terms of the screen and function. It is compatible with all streaming platforms or programs like OBS, and right now it is reduced to 129.99 euros.

Catan: The Duel
Another good option if we want to go a little outside the box when it comes to giving a gift is to go for a board game. We have great options for two players, this being Catan: The Duel one of the most notable. In essence, it is the same classic board game but in a simplified version to play between two players. For the rest, the objective will be the same: build towns, cities and roads to finish off as many points as possible. It costs 23.59 euros.

Combo Logitech G435 SE + G305 SE LIGHTSPEED
Peripherals can also get us out of trouble this Valentine’s Day. At MediaMarkt we can find a very complete pack right now: it includes the G435 SE headphones and the G305 SE LIGHTSPEED mouse. They are two wireless peripherals that are going to work wonders for us to renew what we have at home, all Logitech best-sellers and in this pack they have an unbeatable price right now: costs 59.99 euros.

Hogwarts Legacy
Of course, we must also include a video game in this list of ideas for Valentine’s Day. This, possibly, is the field where we have the most to choose from, but here we are going to play it safe. Hogwarts Legacy is the best-selling title of the past 2023, something that already tells us that we are facing a very interesting option. If our partner is a Potterhead and has not played it yet, now we have a very good opportunity to buy it at a great price: it costs only 35.99 euros on Amazon for PlayStation 5.

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