5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas for Gamers


Valentine’s Day has always been known as the one in which couples give each other gifts to “celebrate” their love. The celebration will take place in just a week and a half, so it is possible that many are already preparing to have the ideal gift. In case you are still looking for it, from here we have made a selection of five gaming ideas that you can get right if your partner is a hardcore gamer.

Operation DR90 Pro
A gaming chair is the ideal gift for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting in front of their computer or console screen. These types of products will not only make our stay in our play area much more comfortable, but will also take care of our health in the long term. The Drift DR90 Pro has everything you could ask for from this type of model, since it is built in a Nylon base that covers its high quality FOAM with which it will offer fantastic comfort. In addition, it incorporates elements such as 2D armrests, backrest recline of up to 135ยบ, and additional cushions. Its price at PcComponentes is 159.90 euros.

Hexagonal LED
RGB lighting is something that is present in (almost) all gaming setups. Having elements that provide this type of decoration is a practically certain success, and this RGB panel from Kangtaixin is perfect for giving as a gift. The device has 8 hexagonal pieces that support up to 16 million colors, being able to control the lighting through our mobile phone. In addition, it can be configured to change according to the music that is playing in our room, which provides a high level of customization. Its price on Amazon is 41.99 euros.

Giving a controller as a gift is never a mistake, especially if it is one of the best we can find on the market. If your partner plays through PlayStation 5 or PC, the DualSense is one of the best options you can choose. Thanks to the Haptic vibration and adaptive triggers, the feeling of immersion that we will get with the controller will be far superior to that of other gaming devices. In addition, giving a second controller is ideal to be able to play cooperative titles together. Its price is 62.99 euros on Amazon.

It Takes Two
Speaking of cooperative games, in recent years some titles have come out that are essential to play with your partner, and It Takes Two is one of them. The Electronic Arts game puts us in the shoes of a marriage that is not going through its best moment, and that due to a spell that turns them into dolls they must try to put aside their differences to try to return to normal. Not only is it a great cooperative game, but it managed to win the GOTY in 2021. Its price is 31.46 euros on Amazon.

7 Wonders: Duel
In general, video game fans also enjoy taking games from our screen to the boards. One of the most popular board games that exist is 7 Wonders, a title that consists of trying to take our civilization to the top. Well, with 7 Wonder: Duel, we can do the same but without needing to be a large number of players. Designed for only two people, this board game will be perfect for those afternoons or evenings when we want to spend time playing with our partner. Its price at PcComponentes is 22.50 euros.

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