2024’s Top Streamer Nominees: Ibai, Xokas, DjMariio Unveiled


Get ready for a showcase of charisma, creativity, and digital savvy! ESLAND 2024 is revving up, and the Spanish-speaking content creators’ community is buzzing with anticipation. The third installment of this grand celebration is slated for the picturesque Andorran landscape this February. Kicking off on Friday the 16th, a rather creative “white carpet” event awaits, where snow will be the guest of honor, teasing a myriad of surprises and appearances from the stars of this much-anticipated gathering. Then, on Saturday the 17th, the gala of glamour and recognition will unfold, with nominees across various categories and high-octane performances lighting up the night.

Streaming stars that have built their way up and those who are household names in the industry will be in attendance, signifying ESLAND’s ever-growing presence. A blend of time-honored creators and fresh talents who’ve taken the digital horizons by storm illuminates the potential for anyone with passion and creativity to rise to prominence.

Let’s dive into the lineup of talents contending for the highly coveted Streamer of the Year award at ESLAND 2024. The ten nominees gracing this category are as follows:

– Roier
– DjMaRiiO
– ElMariana
– The Xokas
– the river
– IlloJuan
– Rivers
– blondes
– Spreen
– WestCOL

The selection of these exceptional creators hinged on various criteria that embody the essence of impact and excellence in content creation. The criteria include the creators’ significance based on their events, the stellar quality of their live broadcasts, their pivotal role and influence within the streaming community, the platform of choice ranging from Twitch to YouTube or Kick, and a combination of viewership hours along with average viewers. Additionally, a benchmark of at least 300 hours of content broadcasted in 2023 was set for the nominees.

But that’s just a snippet of the grand array of categories awaiting judgment at ESLAND 2024. Here’s a peek into the professional categories lighting up this digital domain:

– IRL (In Real Life) Streamer of the Year
– Best Variety Streamer
– Best Coverage of Information
– Best Roleplayer of the Year
– Promise Streamer of the Year
– Best Content Miniseries
– Event of the Year
– Best Career
– Streamer Revelation
– Best Mobile Platform Streamer
– Best Content Series
– Streamer of the Year

Not to be missed are the popular categories, which resonate more with the audience’s daily moments and laughs. These include:

– Clip of the Year
– Anger of the Year

As the stars prepare to strut their digital prowess, fans await with bated breath for the results. Each category will spotlight unique talents and contributions, and ESLAND 2024 promises to be a vibrant testament to the boundless innovation within the content creation cosmos. It’s not just an award ceremony; it’s a tribute to the digital artists who’ve shaped the way we connect, play, and absorb content in a world ever more virtual.

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