2024 Layoffs: Google Announces Thousands More Cuts


Google’s 2023 was marked by the undeniable dominance in the browser market and a commitment to artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, it was also marked by mass layoffs of the North American firm. Alphabet’s parent company fired 12,000 employees, which is equivalent to 6% of the workforce. Although it was not as high as Amazon’s 27,000 layoffs, it still made Google one of the companies with the most layoffs in the technology landscape.

Now, unfortunately for the members of the firm, 2024 has started with a new round of layoffs. These layoffs have affected the sales and advertising division, as generative artificial intelligence tools have led to the replacement of human personnel. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, revealed in an internal email that there are plans for more cuts throughout 2024, making it clear that thousands of workers will lose their jobs.

Pichai noted in internal communication that Google has ambitious goals and intends to invest in its big priorities this year, which will require making difficult decisions and firing people from different teams. Although Pichai wants to reassure his staff that the reductions will not be on the scale of last year’s and will not touch all teams, up to 58 technology companies have already fired employees this year, totaling 7,785 people.

As a result, the upcoming weeks will once again be marked by cuts for Google employees. This continues the trend of recent announcements from companies such as Duolingo, Amazon, Meta, Twitch, and Unity, adding to the growing figure of layoffs in the technology industry.

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