2024 Industry Layoffs: Lords of the Fallen, Dead by Daylight Suffer


The video game industry has had a disastrous 2023 for workers, and it seems that 2024 will not be any different when it comes to developer layoffs. Two additional companies have joined the long list of companies that have cut jobs in recent months. CI Games, the publisher of Lords of the Fallen, and Behaviour Interactive, the creators of Dead by Daylight, have both announced layoffs.

According to information initially shared by GamesIndustry, CI Games has announced layoffs in several of its subsidiaries, including Hexworks and Underdog. In addition to letting go of most of its marketing team, the company has stated that the decision has affected 10% of its total workforce. CEO Marek Tyminski expressed gratitude to the employees and mentioned that more business optimizations are being made to the organization of roadmaps and processes.

On the other hand, Behavior Interactive has announced that they have let go of less than 3% of their team due to an adjustment of focus in the company’s projects. The company mentioned that their priority is always to reassign talent to other projects, but unfortunately, this option is not always available.

The layoffs in the video game industry are becoming a concerning trend, with thousands of people being affected in the last two months alone. Unity has also laid off 25% of its staff in what they call a “business restart,” indicating that the challenges for workers in the industry are far from over. The future looks uncertain for many in the video game industry, and the impact of these layoffs will be felt for some time to come.

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