2023 Hackers Sign Critical Network Security Pact: Ransomware Costs $1B+


A few days ago, we released a news item that emphasized how ransomware premeditated attacks to steal information and demand a ransom in exchange, had decreased in recent years. Unfortunately, the situation differs greatly from reality, since the new data collected by Chainalysis show that what happened in 2022 was a mirage and, unfortunately, during 2023 the number of people affected by this attack increased again.

Thus, as the portal collects Techspot In a recent publication, 2023 became one of the years with more stolen money through this method of history. In fact, they were very prolific 12 months for cybercrime, since they managed to overcome the barrier of 1 billion dollars, a figure that leaves behind the 567 million dollars 2022 (year in which there was a decrease compared to data from previous dates).

Hospitals, schools and government agencies are the main affected

Among hackers’ favorite victims are high-profile organizations and critical infrastructure: hospitals, schools and government agencies. Thus, ransomware consists of steal confidential information to request a monetary ransom in exchange for it. And, although more and more users refuse to pay, the objectives do not stop growing and, therefore, 2023 has become a critical year for cybersecurity.

According to those responsible for the study, the refusal of many users does not mean that the attacks stop, but quite the opposite. Furthermore, security forces have increased their actions against these services, but it is increasingly difficult to detect them and the use of tools like artificial intelligence does not help. Be that as it may, it is best to exercise extreme caution on the network and use options such as VPNs, private browsing networks that ensure anonymity on the Internet.

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Main image by Alexander Mils (Unsplash)

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