The Fastest (and most Effective) Way to Remove Skin Tags

compoundwSkin tags are an incredibly common problem amongst men and women that leaves them scrambling for a solution to the unattractive bumps. They appear often in the folds and creases of skin as tiny growths of skin cells, anywhere from a centimeter to an inch long. They are usually pigmented differently than the body’s natural skin tone which makes them even more visible. They are completely harmless and painless but can appear much like warts and often in groups which is not a favourable look. Because they are so common, there are several methods of removal, the fastest, and most effective, of which is at-home freezing kits.

The use of liquid nitrogen as a method of skin tag removal started in the medical clinic and was performed by medical professionals. Liquid nitrogen freezes the skin on contact so it can be a potentially risky process. This risk is eliminated with at-home kits because the dosage is minute and the applicators are ergonomically designed to protect hands from exposure to the freezing chemicals. Chemical freezing is the most effective method of skin tag removal because it freezes the entire tag, including the root, so that the entire skin tag is removed and cannot grow back. There is no risk of infection but the area is generally left with a slight blemish that eventually fades.

At-home skin tag freezing kits are fairly affordable considering there is usually multiple applications in each kit. The general cost is around 20$, and they can be purchased at virtually any drugstore. The cost is much cheaper than a visit to the medical clinic which can run up to 4 times the drugstore price. The chemicals found in the at-home kits (some skin tag cream reviews are here) is not as potent as liquid nitrogen but are generally effective.
Freezing is not the fastest method of removal, simply cutting the skin tags off at home with sharp scissors takes minutes, but it is the fastest when you also want a cleanly and effective method. Cutting skin tags allows the root to remain, leaving the tag to grow back after the tip above the skin is cut. Freezing eliminates any risk of infection that the use of dirty scissors carries and ensure that the skin tag will not have to be removed more than once. The only time consuming step with the at-home freezing kit is acquiring one.

There are not a lot of brands available for purchase but these two are the most commonly found in drugstores for at-home freezing for skin tag removal:

Compound W Freeze Off Skin tag removal kit is less than 20$ at many drugstores and comes with 8 applications, meaning that 8 skin tags can be removed with 1 kit. This product is advertised specifically for wart removal but works perfectly for skin tags as well. It’s safe enough to use on children 4 years and older as well as on sensitive areas like the eyelids. Compound W uses dimethyl ether is a gas that is sprayed onto the applicator through an aerosol can. It is an effective chemical for instant freezing which makes it incredibly effective for wart and skin tag removal.

Dr.Scholl’s Freeze Away is another product that freezes warts and skin tags off of the skin. It is also around 20$ and has 7 treatments per kit. The active ingredient in this product is also dimethyl ether which shrinks and immediately dries the skin tag which falls off shortly afterwards. The chemicals are harsh on the growth but does not come into contact with the rest of your skin because of the applicator.

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  1. Hi; I have a Skin Tag on my back. It has been rubbing on my clothes every day & now it is red & bleeding. I cover it with a bandage but it bleeds thru a little bit. My question to you is would I be able to use Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away on it without infection ? Thank you.

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